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Transfers FAQ’s

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How do I know if my tickets are transferable?

Tickets are often transferable through sites such as TicketMaster, LiveNation, Flashseats, AXS and more. If you access your ticket order through your account, you should see a “Transfer” or “Send to Friend” option. If not, message one of our representatives to proceed.

Who and where do I send my ticket transfer to?

Please send your tickets to “Ticket Rescue” at “”.

My transfer says it's pending, what does that mean?

This means that we have not yet accepted your tickets – but do not worry, we will accept them as soon as we can.

My tickets do not have a transfer option, what do I do?

If your tickets are electronic, you can email them to us directly at “” as the original PDF file or mobile QR code file.

I transferred my tickets but Ticket Pickers has not received them, what do I do?

First, make sure that the email and name were entered correctly. If they are correct, make sure to complete the transfer through a computer, as there are sometimes errors with mobile transfers.

I only have hard copy tickets, is there anything I can do?

As long as it is not too close to event time, we can accept all hard copy tickets. Often times the original ticket issuers can also reissue your tickets as electronic files. All you have to do is call them and ask!

I was told I could send hard copy bardcodes, how do I do this?

All we will need is a clear photo of your entire ticket in which we can easily read the barcode number.