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Payment FAQ’s

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How do I receive my payment?

All of our payments go through PayPal’s secure site.

When will I receive my payment?

We provide payment prior to receiving your tickets as long as the event is not within the hour of purchase.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

No worries! PayPal makes it easy for new users to create accounts within minutes at

Can I receive payment through Venmo, Square Cash, etc?

At the moment, PayPal is the only payment method we use as it offers buyer and seller protection.

Does PayPal charge a fee?

Yes, please be aware that PayPal does take 30 cents plus an additional 2.9% out of every transaction.

Why is my payment not showing up in my account?

Often times this happens when payments are “unclaimed.” In order to claim your payment, you will have to go through the payment alert email you received. Also, make sure that your account is fully verified through PayPal.

How do I issue a refund?
If you need to issue a refund, please do so through PayPal’s desktop site by following the steps listed below:
1. Click “Activity” near the top of the page.
2. Click the payment you want to refund.
3. Click “Refund this payment”.
4. For “Refund amount,” enter the amount you want to refund, (you may have the option to refund a partial amount of the payment) and then click Continue.
5. Review your information to make sure you entered the correct refund amount, and then click Issue Refund