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Fast, simple and risk-free ticket selling.

Sell your tickets in 3 quick steps and receive offers almost instantly. The process couldn’t get any easier!

Quick & Easy Ticket Transfers 

You’ll remember us for a having fast, easy and risk-free ticket selling process!

Step 1: Message Us

Message us your ticket details to receive our offer. Once we come to an agreement, we’ll get you paid.

Step 2: Get Paid

No more waiting on payments because as long as the event is over an hour away, we pay you first.

Step 3: Transfer Tickets

We’ll help you through the process. Transfer your tickets to us within 15 minutes and you’re set!

Recieving Payments

Quick & Secure Payments

We pay you first! We’re here to rid the world of ticket scammers and wasted event tickets! That’s why we pay out quickly and securely via PayPal. 

Receive payments internationally via PayPal

All payments go through PayPal's secure site

Stay Secure

Protected Transactions

PayPal’s secure site offers protected transactions for all of our sellers. If you don’t have an account, no worries! PayPal makes it simple to create an account online within minutes. 

We Satisfy

Amazing Testimonials

Too good to be true? Check us out for yourself! We’ve helped thousands of customers and have received some great feedback. 

Backed by the Better Business Bureau

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  • Emma Crooks AvatarEmma Crooks

    Great service to help you quickly and easily sell your tickets! - 10/22/2019 

    Stephanie Murray AvatarStephanie Murray

    Amazing way to get rid of your unwanted tickets. Last minute cancelations, unable to get off work. Quick reliable thanks... read more - 10/22/2019 

    Torry Elston AvatarTorry Elston

    Fast and easy. I will use again. - 10/22/2019 

  • Lianne Aratea AvatarLianne Aratea

    I was able to sell my ticket quickly and get assistance throughout the process! Payment to my PayPal was quick... read more - 10/22/2019 

    Raven Nicole AvatarRaven Nicole

    Very efficient and helpful. The process was quick and easy. - 10/22/2019 

    NaDayiah Cheyree Waters AvatarNaDayiah Cheyree Waters

    very quick and super easy! - 10/22/2019 

  • Kayla Michelle Strube AvatarKayla Michelle Strube

    Got scheduled for a business trip and was unable to attend an event. After 2 weeks of posting on social... read more - 10/22/2019 

    Micheal Cdjr AvatarMicheal Cdjr

    Helped me get off my tickets easily received payment right away - 10/22/2019 

    Bethany Xiong AvatarBethany Xiong

    was a very easy and simple to sell my tickets! - 10/22/2019 

  • Angie Wolter Utley AvatarAngie Wolter Utley

    One of my kids became ill and was not going to be able to attend the concert with her sister... read more - 10/22/2019 

    Emma Crooks AvatarEmma Crooks

    Great service to help you quickly and easily sell your tickets! - 10/22/2019 

    Marie Cha AvatarMarie Cha

    Great service! Everything went super smoothly. It might freak you out a bit at first because you have to send... read more - 10/21/2019 

  • Alexis Egan AvatarAlexis Egan

    great for last minute ticket sales and purchases - 10/21/2019 

    Meggie Garry AvatarMeggie Garry

    Selling my ticket to Ticket Pickers was a smooth, quick, and easy process! I had a ticket for a concert... read more - 10/21/2019 

    Rebecca Zavala AvatarRebecca Zavala

    simple, easy, and appreciated the peace of mind that I would not be getting scammed. thanks ticketpickers! - 10/21/2019 

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