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Ticket Pickers is an exciting, young start-up company intent on shaking things up in the event ticket sales industry. Our goal is to provide users a reliable and quick service where they can come to sell tickets to all varieties of live events!

We here at Ticket Pickers believe that every fan should have a chance to go to a live event, and we try our best to ensure that no tickets go to waste! 

We BUY and SELL event tickets online.

Our goal is to leave no seat left unfilled.

We consider ourselves the simplest way to sell tickets.

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Team Members

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Our Core  Values

What Makes Us, Us:

Family First

We’re a tight-knit group. You’ll gain a community of supportive friends & leave weekly meetings laughing.

Self Motivated

You won’t find a lazy Ticket Pickers team member out there! We’re all actively looking to improve.

A Global Team

Our team is spread out across the United States as well as
traveling internationally. 


Everyone on our team has the habit of thinking positively. If something goes wrong, we’re not worrying!

Industry Disruptors

We’re the rule-benders of the event ticket sales industry. Our goal is to shake things up.

Craving Growth

The sky’s the limit for us, and we put that belief to practice regularly. We keep the ideas flowing. 

Who We Are

Meet the Team

Bryce Wilson

Bryce Wilson

CEO & Owner

College athlete turned CEO. I have a Golden Retriever named Banks and am a bandwagon North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball fan. My favorite place in the world is Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Jacob Bye

Jacob Bye

Director of Business Development

Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. I am a proud cat dad. I like to spend my free time going to events, watching sports, golfing, or lounging on the beach. Huge fan of the world champion Raptors and Indianapolis Colts!

Liam Ainsworth

Liam Ainsworth

Director of Sales & Customer Support

I was born and raised in Ruislip, England. Proud Member of the 2016 National Championship winning golf team of Saint Leo University. My drink of choice is Guinness (not warm) & Chandler Bing is my spirit animal.

Michaela Christman

Michaela Christman

Director of Marketing

Digitally-nomading my way between Long Island, New York and a small island in the Caribbean. I love a good documentary, long days at the beach, and margaritas. Guilty pleasures include: The Real Housewives (any show) & Sour Skittles.

Ernie Tyler

Ernie Tyler

Sales & Customer Support

I am a proud graduate of Temple University! I coach the Philadelphia Men’s Goalball team. In my free time, I enjoy long walks in the woods, usually as a result of looking for my Tee shot. I am also lactose intolerant.

Eli Stem

Eli Stem

Sales & Customer Support

I grew up in yee-haw country, but am a recent graduate of Temple University. I spend my free time scouring the internet for new artists & will listen to anything from Queen to Young Thug. Can cook a wicked grilled cheese, but most importantly, ginger and proud!

Ryan O'Connor

Ryan O'Connor

Sales & Customer Support

Born and raised outside of Boston, MA. Passion for sports, reading, math, and finance.

Olivia Camacho

Olivia Camacho

Sales & Customer Support

Wisconsin born and raised, I am a dancer and film buff. I went to college in Chicago, but still not a fan of Midwestern winters. 



Director of Technology

Check our Job Openings page for more information.


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  • Emma Crooks AvatarEmma Crooks

    Great service to help you quickly and easily sell your tickets! - 10/22/2019 

    Stephanie Murray AvatarStephanie Murray

    Amazing way to get rid of your unwanted tickets. Last minute cancelations, unable to get off work. Quick reliable thanks... read more - 10/22/2019 

    Torry Elston AvatarTorry Elston

    Fast and easy. I will use again. - 10/22/2019 

  • Lianne Aratea AvatarLianne Aratea

    I was able to sell my ticket quickly and get assistance throughout the process! Payment to my PayPal was quick... read more - 10/22/2019 

    Raven Nicole AvatarRaven Nicole

    Very efficient and helpful. The process was quick and easy. - 10/22/2019 

    NaDayiah Cheyree Waters AvatarNaDayiah Cheyree Waters

    very quick and super easy! - 10/22/2019 

  • Kayla Michelle Strube AvatarKayla Michelle Strube

    Got scheduled for a business trip and was unable to attend an event. After 2 weeks of posting on social... read more - 10/22/2019 

    Micheal Cdjr AvatarMicheal Cdjr

    Helped me get off my tickets easily received payment right away - 10/22/2019 

    Bethany Xiong AvatarBethany Xiong

    was a very easy and simple to sell my tickets! - 10/22/2019 

  • Angie Wolter Utley AvatarAngie Wolter Utley

    One of my kids became ill and was not going to be able to attend the concert with her sister... read more - 10/22/2019 

    Emma Crooks AvatarEmma Crooks

    Great service to help you quickly and easily sell your tickets! - 10/22/2019 

    Marie Cha AvatarMarie Cha

    Great service! Everything went super smoothly. It might freak you out a bit at first because you have to send... read more - 10/21/2019 

  • Alexis Egan AvatarAlexis Egan

    great for last minute ticket sales and purchases - 10/21/2019 

    Meggie Garry AvatarMeggie Garry

    Selling my ticket to Ticket Pickers was a smooth, quick, and easy process! I had a ticket for a concert... read more - 10/21/2019 

    Rebecca Zavala AvatarRebecca Zavala

    simple, easy, and appreciated the peace of mind that I would not be getting scammed. thanks ticketpickers! - 10/21/2019 

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